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dynaMACS Support Tips

Here we have provided an area that you may look at previous support tips to help you utilize dynaMACS to it's fullest potential.

Search Tips:

April 2017: Quickly Identify New and Inactive Manufacturers in dynaMACS' Sales IQ
March 2017: Transferring a Portion of One Sales Rep Territory to Another Sales Rep
February 2017: Organizing Your Agency Workflow to Accommodate all the Various Manufacturer Forms
January 2017: Using the dynaMACS System Information Setup Screen to Pre-Select Reporting Options
December 2016: Using the dynaMACS System Information Setup Screen to Set the Frequency and Warning Messages for Restore Points
November 2016: Using Sales IQ and Google Maps to Help Plan for a Sales Manager Visit
October 2016: Understanding the Symbols and Codes on a dynaMACS Sales Analysis Report
September 2016: A customer may be know by different names by different manufacturers.  This can create unwanted customer duplication during the sales entry process.
August 2016: Save Time by Using the Manufacturer Customer Code During Manual Entry
July 2016: Transferring Sales & Commission History for a Specific Manufacturer & Customer to a Different Sales Rep
June 2016: How to automatically give a sales rep, that is not currently assigned to a particular customer, credit for a sale based upon the manufacturer
May 2016: Analyze Sales & Commission data for Multiple Customers in a Specific Buying Group in Sales IQ
April 2016: Did you Know that the Customer State and City can be Printed on your Sales IQ Reports?
March 2016: How to Delete a dynaMACS Mobile User
February 2016: "Catalog" (Save) Your Commonly Used Sales Analysis Reports in dynaMACS
January 2016: Looking up and Changing Customer, Manufacturer and Sales Rep Detailed Information During the Sales Entry Process
December 2015: Finding Customers for a Certain Manufacturer Easily Using the Smart View Locator
November 2015: Transferring History to the Current Sales Rep is Now Easier in dynaMACS 2015!
October 2015: Have you checked out the new enhanced graphing features in dynaMACS 2015?
September 2015: Using dynaMACS' Sales IQ You Can Easily View and Compare the Sales and Agency Commissions for any Three Consecutive Months.
August 2015: Did You Know About this Simple Way to Get Quarterly Sales Numbers in dynaMACS?
July 2015: Using the dynaMACS Sample Database to Experiment with dynaMACS Software Without Using Your Live Data
June 2015: Using the dynaMACS Manufacturer X-Reference File "Source Code" to Classify Groups of Customers That Buy From a Particular Manufacturer
May 2015: Using the dynaMACS Manufacturer X-Reference File Type Code to Identify and View Particular Customers
April 2015: Using dynaMACS GlobalView to See Your Top Manufacturer/Customer Relationships
March 2015: Using the Sales Rep Viewer to List Customers in Various Sequences
February 2015: Searching for dynaMACS Tips on
January 2015: dynaMACS Help Options
December 2014: dynaMACS End of Year Checklist
November 2014: Using Smart View in dynaMACS
October 2014: Using the Right Click Option in dynaMACS
September 2014 Using Customer Locations in dynaMACS
August 2014: The Sales IQ Top Row Button Operation has Changed in Version 2013
July 2014: Evaluating True Agency Performance in Sales IQ
June 2014: User Performance Now Enable You to Control Your Starting Screen
May 2014: Maximize the dynaMACS State/Region Zip Code Feature
April 2014: Using Sales IQ Filters in Versions 2013 and Above
March 2014: Using Sales Entry Options to Customize Your Sales Entry Screen
February 2014: Using Sales IQ to Identify New Customer Activity
January 2014: dynaMACS 2013 File/Transfer Combine Wizard
December 2013: Using dynaMACS to Analyze Both your Rep Number and Buy/Resell Numbers in One Place
November 2013: How to Display Quarterly Numbers in Sales IQ
October 2013: Transferring History From One Sales Rep to Another Sales Rep
September 2013: Customer Global Updates
August 2013: Importance of Creating a Restore Point
July 2013: Analyzing Top and Bottom Performing Accounts
June 2013: Using Mailing List Export
May 2013: Adding Your Logo to dynaMACS Reports
April 2013: Viewing Sales Rep Overrides
March 2013: Multiple Help Resources at Your Fingertips
February 2013: SalesRep Assignment Based on Zip Code
January 2013: dynaMACS' eSi Enhanced Mapping
December 2012: Using Dropbox with dynaMACS
November 2012: Using the Data Field in Sales IQ
October 2012: Setting Up Label Options in Microsoft Word
September 2012: Locating a Dealer by Zip Code
August 2012: Updating dynaMACS Software
July 2012: Using dynaMACS Sales IQ to Identify Lost Customers
June 2012: Quarterly Reporting
May 2012: Sharing dynaMACS eSi Maps
April 2012: Graphs
March 2012: User Preferences
February 2012: User Security
January 2012: Transaction Viewer


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