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Software Benefits

 Standard System
  • Database
  • Sales/ Commission Entry
  • Sales IQ
  • Report Generator
  • Mailing Lists

 Optional Add-ons
  • dynaMACS Mobile 
  • Electronic Sales Info
  Commission Reconciliation
  • Goal Tracking
  • Network Users
  • cRm
  • Cloud

 Software Support Plan
  • dynaCARE


dynaMACS for Manufacturers: Overview

Do these issues sound familiar? Read about software benefits   or    view screen shots
  • The sales data you get is a by-product of your accounting system, and is not designed for sales analysis, which makes it difficult to measure performance the way you would like to
  • Sales managers and factory direct reps must sort through reams of paper monthly reports to find a sales figure - or worse, they get no data at all
  • You would like to have sales data for all your product groups and all your regions at your fingertips, but you don't

Manufacturers' sales managers face many of the same issues as sales agencies do when it comes to analyzing performance. dynaMACS is the solution. A powerful, yet easy-to use software, dynaMACS provides a fast, flexible and reliable way of managing sales data, so you can quickly and easily analyze sales, view trends, provide sales agencies with accurate data and communicate more effectively.

Modular software: Build a system to meet your needs

dynaMACS Standard System
The following components are included in the Standard System:

The system's foundation enables simple entry, maintenance and access to product groups, customer, and sales rep and/or agency information.
Sales & Commission Entry

Easily enter sales and commission data from reports. Log all entries to any accounting month and post sales to any reporting month.
Sales IQ

View customer and sales rep performance (by product group if needed) instantly on screen. Rank, graph and view detailed historical data with a few mouse clicks.
Report Generator

Print sales and commission analysis reports.  Numerous reports are available to help managers manage the field sales reps and agencies manage their territories.
Mailing Lists

Create mail merges, labels, envelopes, emails and fax lists from your customer data. Use with standard programs like Microsoft Word.
Optional Add-ons
In addition to the wide range of functions in the standard system, the following optional modules are available to add individually at any time:
dynaMACS Mobile

Empower your sales manager, regional managers and/or factory direct reps reps with a laptop version of dynaMACS that they can use to access data from anywhere: at home, while traveling or at the office.

Eliminate data re-entry! Export data from your accounting system, get daily sales updates and create files to electronically send to sales reps and/or agencies.
Goal Tracking

Establish sales goals and monitor them against actual performance.  
Simultaneous Network Users

Enable multiple network users to access dynaMACS concurrently. There is no limit to the number of licenses that can be added.              
Software Support


Direct access to technical experts, free software upgrades and other support resources.

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