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Goal Tracking

Set goals, track agency performance and see results

Goal Tracking enables an agency to set sales and commission goals and track them against actual performance.
Set your own agency goals, or track performance against quotas established by manufacturers.

See how a specific sales rep, manufacturer and/or customer is doing, or combine into one comprehensive report.
You can also identify where actual sales are below quotas, and target those areas for improvement.

Goal Tracking  

Set Goals, track agency performance and see results

Monitor actual performance against agency-established goals or manufacturer quotas

Three simple steps keep you on track to success:

  • Prepare annual sales goals

  • Record goals in dynaMACS

  • Monitor performance


Goal Tracking  

Customer Viewer

Graph data into information

Sample graph screen generated from the previous screen shows Sales performance for all sales reps comparing Year-to-Date Actual Sales vs. Goals.

Goal Tracking

Goals Worksheet

Allows sales reps to easily set goals by Manufacturer / Customer or numerous other methods available.

  • Shows Current Year-to-Date, Last Year Total and Previous Year Total sales.

  • This sample is in descending sequence of Current Year-to-Date sales.

Goal Tracking

Sample Report

1. The report compares the actual sales & commission performance to goals for every manufacturer in sales rep Jim Black's territory.

2. As a whole, Jim Black's territory is performing 29% ahead of his goal, with sales of $988,589, versus his goal of $767,167.

3. For commissions, his territory is 21%, or $8,404 ahead of goal.

(Note: Notice that sales are 29% ahead of goal, while commissions are only 21% ahead of goal. This suggests that Jim Black is selling more items that carry a lower commission rate.)

4. Sales and commission are up for every manufacturer, except H.F. Krause, which is 3%, or $3,187 below the goal.


Sales and commission goals vs. actuals, sorted by sales rep and manufacturers


Tracking goals is a simple 3-step process:
  1. Prepare annual sales goals. Print and distribute worksheets to sales reps, who prepare goals for their individual territories (or, input factory quotas). Since goals are traditionally based on previous year's sales, worksheets include three years of sales history and space to enter next year's goal.
  2. Record goals. Finalized goals are entered into dynaMACS. Expected commissions are automatically set, based on the sales goal using the normal commission rate, or a rate entered by the operator. Goals may be modified any time during the year.
  1. Monitor performance. Track actual performance compared to sales and/or commission goals or quotas at any time, using
    Sales Analysis reports. A variety of reports are available to track performance by manufacturers, sales reps, customers, or any combination.

Examples of the ways your agency can set and track goals:

  • By all manufacturers represented by the agency
  • By manufacturers within a sales rep's territory
  • By customer, for each manufacturer within a sales rep's territory



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