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eSi: Frequently Asked Questions for Manufacturers


What is eSi?

eSi –electronic sales information – replaces the paper reports that the manufacturer sends to sales agencies, with electronic files that are quickly emailed instead. It requires a simple change in process on the part of the manufacturer, who sends information that’s already in its database, but in electronic format, versus printing hard copy reports or invoices.
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What’s wrong with the way sales agencies receive information today?

Often, sales reps aren’t aware of a sale for weeks and in most cases, months, afterward. As the main point of contact for customers, reps are expected to work with current, accurate sales data; however, the process some factories use for getting out that crucial data takes months.  For example, a sales invoice is dated January, but the customer pays the bill in March – the standard 60-day window allowed without incurring a late fee. The factory reports March sales at the end of the following month: April 25th. As a result, the sales agency is not aware of the January sale until the end of April, or with postal delays, the beginning of May. When the manufacturer sends information electronically, agencies get it the same day: A vast improvement over waiting for postal mail.
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Why should I consider implementing it?

Manufacturers are the sole source of timely sales data. By sending electronic files, you can get vital data to sales agencies in minutes, rather than weeks. Agencies will be able to service accounts more effectively, and you’ll save money with reduced postage, paper and staff costs.
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What paper would eSi replace?

You’re mailing one or more of the following to sales agencies: commission statements, invoices and/or sales reports. This means the information is already in-house in your database, so there is no creation of new data needed, just a switch to sending electronically.
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What software does the manufacturer buy?

None. And no hardware, either. You do not need to purchase dynaMACS, or any other agency software to electronically send information. The beauty of eSi is that it’s a process, not a product. Manufacturers simply move from a printed reporting process, to an electronic one.
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How much does eSi cost?

It doesn’t cost a cent. In fact, you save money, by:

  • Eliminating postage and paper costs associates with mailing multi-page heavy printed reports to many different agencies.
  • Reducing administrative time, spent on preparing individual reports for each and every sales agency – every month.

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What’s involved in implementation?

Your IT person does a one-time set-up of a report format – using the same information already contained in your sales manager’s weekly sales report. After that, your admin or sales assistant selects the reports and emails them to the respective sales agencies.
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What report format do I use, and what information should be in the file?

Use a standard comma delimited (*.csv), Excel spreadsheet (*.xls) or ASCII text file (*.txt). The file contains the same information found on your standard invoice or weekly sales report – which is already in your database.
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