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Software Benefits

 Standard System
  • Database
  • Sales/ Commission Entry
  • Sales IQ
  • Report Generator
  • Mailing Lists

 Optional Add-ons
  • dynaMACS Mobile 
  • Electronic Sales Info
  Commission Reconciliation
  • Goal Tracking
  • Network Users
  • cRm
  • Cloud

 Software Support Plan
  • dynaCARE


dynaMACS on the cloud: Two options available for access

Option 1:  Agency on the Cloud

The agency database and programs reside on the cloud.  All entry and processing is done on the cloud.  dynaMACS' Mobile users access their information on the cloud.  This option is best suited for agencies with multiple offices or a need for the people entering data to access from more than one location.

Key Benefits:

  • Multiple Offices accessing 1 database
  • Upgrades are automatic
  • Eliminate the need for expensive in-agency servers.

Option 2:  Mobile Cloud Access

The agency database and programs reside at the agency.  All entry and processing is done at the agency.  However, dynaMACS' Mobile users access their data on the cloud.

Key Benefits:

  • Sales reps don't need to import files
  • Get the data faster
  • A few keystrokes and everyone has up-to-date data
  • Ability to use iPad (or other tablets) in a presentation

What your cloud fees includes

  • Install the dynaMACS software icon on any computer
         Just install the software icon on your computer or smart phone and access the database 24/7, as long as your subscription is
  • Upgrades
         Your software will automatically be upgraded as soon as the update is released.
  • Store data on the Internet
         Enjoy the flexibility of having your data securely on the internet so personnel from anywhere can access the data.


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