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Software Benefits

 Standard System
  • Database
  • Sales/ Commission Entry
  • Sales IQ
  • Report Generator
  • Mailing Lists

 Optional Add-ons
  • dynaMACS Mobile 
  • Electronic Sales Info
  Commission Reconciliation
  • Goal Tracking
  • Network Users
  • cRm
  • Cloud

 Software Support Plan
  • dynaCARE


dynaMACS: Software Benefits


Sales IQ

This dynaMACS chart shows year-to-date commissions, sorted by manufacturer.

  • Instantly see how much each manufacturer contributes to the agency bottom line.
  • Analyze sales, track commissions and View Trends.

Sales IQ

The dynaMACS bottom line: Results.

dynaMACS instantly displays sales and commission performance data based on the parameters you select.


Sales IQ

The dynaMACS bottom line: Results.

  • dynaMACS displays a five-year history by month for the highlighted customer/ manufacturer.

  • You may easily create a graph from this information just by clicking on the Graph tab.


Customer Screen

Organize customers the way your business needs and get the results you want.

dynaMACS enables you to view reports by the classifications your agency uses most. And, you can segment information in a variety of ways, such as classifying customers by state, region, buying group, and more.


Customer/Manufacturer Exceptions

  • Allows you to see exceptions specific to a customer or manufacturer, such as: Commission rate overrides.
  • Pay different sales reps, other than the one assigned to the customer or split commissions differently.

Sales and commission data always up-to-date
No waiting to close the prior month before entering new sales data. See up-to-date sales and commission information throughout the month

Reports to meet your needs

Virtually unlimited reporting formats to choose from. Segment data by manufacturer, customer, sales rep, territory and much more.

Analyze sales and trends
See sales history for the past five years, on one screen.

Choose how you want to view information
Sort and sequence information by manufacturer, year-to-date sales, customer history and much more.

Funnel information from factories into one database
Easy entry of various factories' invoices and commission statements into the dynaMACS database, with input screens that make data entry a breeze.

Control totals and audit trails
Balance commissions to the penny, and check totals before entries are posted.

Accurate sales reporting
Post invoices to the months in which the sales occurred - rather than when the agency received the information.

Accurate commission payments
Print commission reports listing all commissions received during the month, to ensure you're compensating sales reps correctly.

Shorten the learning curve
Windows-based software is easy-to-use, even for novices.

Don't sacrifice security
The highest security measures ensure your data is secure.



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