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What our clients are saying:
"dynaMACS is an empowering tool for understanding sales and analyzing trends."
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Mizzen Marketing

Mansfield, Texas

Industry: AV & Sound



"With dynaMACS cloud, our data is secure, always backed-up and easily accessed from anywhere."
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Maschmedt & Associates

Renton, Washington

Industry: Sporting Goods



"Data entry time takes a fraction of what it used to.  Manually entering thousands of lines of data took a week.  With dynaMACS we're done in 15 minutes."
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Ron Wallace & Associates, Inc.

Clover, South Carolina

Industry: Industrial, Construction, Welding & Safety



"Before buying software, I did my homework.  For every question or need I had, dynaMACS had a solution."
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BNT Sales Agency Limited

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Industry: Industrial, Construction, Welding & Safety



"dynaMACS is sophisticated.  It creates operational efficiencies and delivers extremely detailed data."
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The Henson Sales Group, Ltd.

Wayne, Pennsylvania

Industry: Commercial Cleaning



"dynaMACS makes my life easier. I always know how the business is performing year-over-year."
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Singer Carpet Corporation

Montebello, New York

Industry: Textiles, Carpeting, Floor Coverings



"You don't have to be a software developer to understand how it works.  dynaMACS does the work and I get the information I need quickly, with out hassles."
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Sharp Incentives

Phoenix, Arizona

Industry: Special Markets Incentives



"dynaMACS is designed specifically for sales agencies' unique needs with features and functions to help us operate efficiently and grow the business."
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E H & Associates, LLC

Wixom, Michigan

Industry: Industrial & Safety Products



"With dynaMACS, we are able to create reports faster and easier than any other method we've tried."
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Mega Western

Gardena, California

Industry: Plumbing & Related Building Products



"dynaMACS helps us grow our business.  It is far superior to other software we've used."
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Mount Vernon, Ohio

Industry: Cutting Tools & Metalworking



"dynaMACS is a one-stop-shop for sales and commission data.  It's a level of knowledge that helps our business run more efficiently."
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Paragon Sales & Marketing

Omaha, Nebraska

Industry: Plumbing & HVAC



"Working with dynaMACS, we are all on the same team.  They truly want their software to help my business be more successful.  And it does."
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Garnett Component Sales

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Industry: OEM



"Having real-time data available wherever and whenever we need it has greatly improved the way we operate."
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Itasca, Texas

Industry: Power Transmission



"All of our data is on the cloud, so we never have to worry about losing invaluable sales and commission information."
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C R Kinsman & Associates, Inc.

Euless, Texas

Industry: Industrial, Welding, Construction & Safety



"dynaMACS has made my job so much more efficient."
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Sullivan & Associates

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Industry: Construction & Safety



"dynaMACS takes reporting capabilities to new levels."
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Bowerman Marketing Group

Liverpool, New York

Industry: Food Service



"The software is so flexible.  We can see data in so many different ways and drill down for more details.  It gives us a deeper understanding of the agency's performance."
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J & K Sales Associates

Manchester, New Hampshire

Industry: Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, Irrigation, Industrial



"It's crucial that our salespeople are connected to information at all times, no matter where they are.  dynaMACS gives us that ability and much more."
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Pacific Warehouse Sales

Chino, California

Industry: Industrial, Fasteners, Safety Products



"Once we used dynaMACS we were hooked.  We wouldn't use any other software for tracking sales and commissions."
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Ralph E Russell Co, Inc.

Dallas, Texas

Industry: Automotive, Hardware, Industrial, Agriculture



"We're more efficient, better at planning and better at allocating resources to the areas where we're earning the most income."
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Atlantic Marketing Company

Stonington, Connecticut

Industry: Marine



"dynaMACS is a big time-saver. To process manufacturer files electronically, all I do is press a button. dynaMACS eSi does the work for me."
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Industrial Component Sales, Inc.

Hudson, Wisconsin

Industry: Power Transmission



"I can't explain how different life is with dynaMACS eSi.  Data entry time went from countless hours a month to just a few minutes.  It's like night and day."
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Texas Reps

Stafford, Texas

Industry: HVAC



"Using 'dynaMACS Mobile on the Cloud', our sales reps have information at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need it."
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Michel Sales Agency, Inc.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Industry: Plumbing / HVAC



"We used our old software for a year and realized we had made a mistake.  dynaMACS is much easier to use, and relevant information is easily accessible."
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Head Contract Solutions, LLC

Rockledge, Florida

Industry: Office Furniture



"Access to sales & commission data is instant. Not waiting.  dynaMACS eliminates the time lapse."
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Wes-Coast Marketing

Upland, California

Industry: Automotive Aftermarket



"We have instant access to data from anywhere, on any device:  laptop, i-Pad, smartphone.  dynaMACS is unbelievably different from the old software."
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Northcoast Sales Agency

Clackamas, Oregon

Industry: Industrial, Safety and Construction



"I wish we would have started using dynaMACS years ago.  It's a great tool, and everyone loves it."
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Metra Associates, Inc.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Industry: Electrical & HVAC



"dynaMACS is always innovating and continually enhancing the software.  I would recommend dynaMACS to anyone."
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PG Tool Sales Agency

Woodbury, New Jersey

Industry: Construction, Industrial Tools, Safety Supplies



"dynaMACS is the best tool we've ever purchased to help our salespeople sell.  The payback on this investment was immediate."
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Mullen Corporation

 St. Petersburg, Florida

Industry: Plumbing



"dynaMACS is dramatically better than our old software in terms of ease of use, reporting capabilities and the ability to automatically import manufacturer reports."
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ISK Industries, Inc.

Rolling Meadows, Illinois

Industry: Industrial Hardware & Safety



"dynaMACS saved us tens of thousands of dollars when a manufacturer inadvertently made an error in commissions.  We absolutely love the software."
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PEPCO Sales & Marketing

Irving, Texas

Industry: Plumbing & HVAC



"I would recommend dynaMACS to anyone."
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The Ranger Group

Houston, Texas

Industry: Industrial & Safety Products



"dynaMACS is a great fit for our agency. It is very user friendly and provides all the information we need, quickly and easily."
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RST Thermal

Westwood, Massachusetts

Industry: Heating & Cooling Systems



"dynaMACS is 110% better than our old software.  If a sales agency is using anything other than dynaMACS, then they are missing out."
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Cutler Industrial Sales, Inc.

Islip Terrace, New York

Industry: Industrial & Machinery



"The accessibility to data we have with dynaMACS is tremendous.  It's extremely user friendly for everyone at the agency."
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David Gooding Inc.

Brockton, Massachusetts

Industry: HVAC, Plumbing



"dynaMACS is designed specifically for sales agencies, so it has all the features I need to manage my business more effectively.  There's nothing like it in the industry."
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Big East Sales Team

Hamden, Connecticut

Industry: Promotional Products



"When it comes to updated sales and commission numbers and comprehensive reports, dynaMACS provides everything I could ever ask for."
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Summer Sales Company

Kent, Washington

Industry: Industrial & Welding Equipment



"dynaMACS is the only way I get my territory's sales numbers.  I would be lost without it."
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Weinacht & Associates

Collinsville, Illinois

Industry: Industrial, Welding & Contactor Supplies



"We talked to other agencies to find out what software they use, and dynaMACS kept coming up.  We looked into it, then bought it, and we couldn't be happier."
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R.C. Bremer Marketing Associates, Inc.

Prospect Heights, Illinois

Industry: Industrial, Fire & Safety



"dynaMACS Commission Reconciliation finds factories' miscalculations, and has resulted in money being recouped that we never would have discovered."
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Haimes Coleman Group

Sunrise, Florida

Industry: Marine



"From day one, dynaMACS enabled us to see our business in ways we never knew were possible.  It's a whole new world."
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R/S Mile High Sales

Englewood, Colorado

Industry: Automotive



"Of all the software we've ever bought, dynaMACS is the one we adapted to quickly and found most useful across the board, from data entry, to salespeople."
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Ole Pro Agency

Holly Springs, Georgia

Industry: Industrial Tools & Abrasives



"When comparing dynaMACS and our old software, the screens are easier, the report format is more useful and the networking capability is more convenient."
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Bothell, Washington

Industry: Food Service



"Our sales reps have come to rely on dynaMACS Mobile and can't imagine not having it with them."
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Western Safety Associates

Corona, California

Industry: Industrial Safety



"dynaMACS is a crucial part of daily operations for both the sales team and the office staff.  We couldn't get along without it."
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Flaherty Sales

Medina, Ohio

Industry: Industrial & Construction



"The transition was seamless.  I'm able to focus on sales and customer service, rather than data entry.  dynaMACS has changed the way we do business."
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Market Advantage Plus

Foxboro, Massachusetts

Industry: Janitorial & Sanitary Supply



"Going from the old software to dynaMACS is like going from the dark into the light."
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Ellsworth Marketing Associates

Marietta, Georgia

Industry: Food Service



"With dynaMACS, our sales reps have the information they need at their fingertips.  Unlike the previous software, they actually use it!"
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Ellicott, Maryland

Industry: Office Products



"With my old software, the reporting format was less intuitive and more cumbersome.  dynaMACS flows easily and has already resulted in more profitability."
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Dan Beaudet Co.

Hooksett, New Hampshire

Industry: Luxury Plumbing & Decorative Hardware



"Knowing where sales & commissions are day-to-day keeps us at the pulse of the business."
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J. T Chapman Company

Dallas, Texas

Industry: Power Transmission



"dynaMACS gives us a competitive edge.  We see trends quickly and are able to develop strategies accordingly."
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Olathe, Kansas

Industry: Restaurant Equipment & Supply



"I'm only sorry we didn't make the switch to dynaMACS sooner.  We love it!"
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W.J. Williams Co., Inc.

Cleveland, Ohio

Industry: Automotive & Aerospace



"dynaMACS has made a world of difference in how efficiently our agency operates."
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Gulf Atlantic Marketing, Inc.

Goldenrod, Florida

Industry: Marine/RV/Industrial



"When traveling, I use dynaMACS daily to look up customer sales, territory sales and more.  It's extremely convenient."
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Kitchin & Sons

Richmond, Indiana



"With dynaMACS we save time, operate more efficiently and get the information we need, when we need it."
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Belmont Enterprises, Inc.

Garland, Texas

Industry: Industrial Safety



"We highly recommend dynaMACS . . . The ability to receive factories' sales data electronically was one of the reasons we chose this software."
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Weinacht & Associates

Collinsville, Illinois

Industry: Industrial & construction supplies



"dynaMACS' commission reconciliation module has saved us thousands of dollars each year. We would be lost without it."
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Don Green Sales Company, Inc.

Stockton, California

Industry: Automotive Aftermarket



"The software is so user friendly that I quickly became comfortable using it and required very little assistance."
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S.M. Osgood Company

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Industry: Marine & RV



"With dynaMACS, we often have more complete, up-to-date numbers than the factories' sales managers do."
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Pacific Marketing

Santa Ana, California

Industry: Automotive Aftermarket



"dynaMACS Mobile delivers the information our salesmen needs, directly to their laptops. As a result, they are able to focus their sales efforts in a more productive manner."
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Memphis, Tennessee

Industry: Automotive Aftermarket



"For the first time ever, our sales reps receive up-to-date sales reports -- and believe in the accuracy of the numbers. They are equipped to be more proactive and productive."
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The Hammond Group

Palatine, Illinois

Industry: Sporting Goods



"Our sales reps absolutely love dynaMACS. They look forward to receiving updated sales information, and often call the agency before going to sales meetings, asking for the latest data."
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William F. Miller & Associates

Nashville, Tennessee

Industry: Marine components

"We're now able to prepare for year-end manufacturer meetings with the click of a mouse, instead of spending days sorting through reams of paper."
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McCain Sales Co. Inc.

Birmingham, Alabama

Industry: Plumbing

"With dynaMACS, we are finally able to see rep sales and distributor sales combined in one report."
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Dave Ray & Associates

Headquarters: Royal Oak, Michigan

Industry: Industrial, Water & Wastewater

"We were always down to the wire on the last day of the month. dynaMACS definitely reduced the amount of time we spend on month-end procedures."
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Blazer Associates, Inc.

Headquarters: Marietta, Georgia

Industry: Office supplies & furniture

"If our numbers are down on a line, I can press a key and find out why, almost instantly."
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Bill Murray & Associates

Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Industry: Automotive aftermarket

"Thanks to dynaMACS our two offices in different states are connected and entering data into one central location. This has reduced workload and increased productivity."
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Phoenix, AZ & Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Automotive Aftermarket

"We find commission errors and omissions manufacturers unintentionally make. The money recovered in the first year alone nearly paid for the cost of the software."
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CSI Marketing

Omaha, Nebraska

Industry: Construction & Safety

"We replaced Excel with dynaMACS. Now, we can get sales figures anytime we need them. It's been a big time saver."
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Electrical Sales Associates

Maryland & Virginia

Industry: Electrical

"The key to success is being up-to-date, even one step ahead of the industry and dynaMACS helps us do it best."
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The Highlands Group

Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Office & school products

"The savings in overhead costs is astronomical. eSi reduced data entry time from hours to minutes and saved us from having to hire another administrative resource."
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Pacesetter Sales & Associates

Toronto, Canada

Industry: Safety & Industrial

"I'm amazed at how easy it is to use. I received the software on Friday, read the instructions and started using it right away. Monday morning we were up and running.."
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StarCrest Sales

San Antonio, Texas

Industry: Electronics

"I love this program! I can track sales by the actual shipment month and track commissions based on the months checks were received."
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J.C.Bernard & Associates

Southlake, Texas

Industry: Hardware

"I selected dynaMACS after seeing a software demonstration. I was truly impressed with the improvements over the custom program we were using."
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G.I.E Ltd.

St. Louis, Missouri

Industry: Building Materials/Home Improvement

"dynaMACS has helped us immensely. A comprehensive 5-year sales history feature shows not only who is up and who is flat, but why the numbers are what they are."
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Holt & McArdle Associates, Inc.

Boothwyn, Pennsylvania

Industry: Safety, Fire, Construction & Industrial

"We cover a very large geographic territory. dynaMACS helps us manage our time and travel more effectively."
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Main & Gamble Marketing

Parker, Colorado

Industry: Building & Lawn/Garden

"If a customer’s sales are off, I want to know about it now, not three months from now. dynaMACS gives me the information I need, instantly."
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Ballard Decorative Sales, Inc.

Randolph, New Jersey

Industry: Decorative Plumbing & Hardware

"Our old software had its drawbacks, but it got the job done. We didn't realize how efficiently we could be working - until we found dynaMACS. The difference is amazing."
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Mainstream Marketing

Nacogdoches, Texas

Industry: Sporting Goods

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